Max - I wanted to send you an e-mail thanking you for many things. First and foremost, for inspiring me and reigniting the creative flame that once went out in my soul. Being an aspiring acoustic guitarist and having a strong passion for the blues, I have been studying the instrument for many years. But as of the past year, before watching your youtube videos, I had found myself in a rut as a musician. I was playing the same things anytime I picked up the guitar, and could not seem to break into new ground and expand my horizons as a guitarrist. After watching your videos I feel like a new man. You have given me a fresh, new, innovative way of looking at the guitar, and I can't seem to put it down now. For being a man that once felt the magnificent sensations that a guitar could instill in a person, then being a man who lost all sensations, feeling  numb and cold as a musician, it is such an intense and emotional experience to have those feelings back that once again satisfy my soul. I have the upmost respect for you and cannot not thank you enough. Keep doing what your doing. -Dan McCullough (inspired student)    ” - Dan McCullough

— via e mail

It's things like this that make me realise I'm a guitar owner and not a player! Fab Graham ” - Grahame Maclean Managing Director of NorthStar Music Publishing Ltd

— Via Email

Your teaching is very clear. Your commentary is spot on and really helps you understand what is going on and what exactly you are doing. Nice slow demo's , played a couple of times over. Lots of tips around both the Blues in E and A too. Like the fact that you've got the Rhythm "Chug" outlined and the actual chord progressions, plus real handy fills and where to put 'em, plus you got a real good 12 bar solo ... which works as a solo and /or as a extra fills.Really like the way you explain and use "target notes" that is really helpful. Obvious maybe ..but not so obvious until someone points it out but once you "see it" you can't not see it, if you get my drift !! You are playing a cracking guitar !! ” - Barry J.A.Bond

— "Drifting Blues" DVD

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